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Working Together with Vulnerable Communities to Improve Reproductive Health (VCP) was a 30 month (June 2008 – August 2010) project to improve the health situation in the districts of most conflict affected Rukum, Salyan and Rolpa of MidWestern Nepal. The VCP adopted a rights-based approach project. SMNF implemented VCP with technical assistanceof ADRA Nepal and funding from the European Commission. The VCP was focused on strengthening the health system of the three target districts to improve the implementation of safe motherhood programmes and other RH programmes as per government plan and policy. The VCP was a very comprehensive project with universal coverage of 141 Village Development Committee (VDC) areas of the three target districts. Some of the key features of this project were as follows:

Provision of Infrastructure

  • Construction of 15 low-cost health posts and sub-health post, renovation of 5 Primary
  • Health Centre (PHCs) and 28 health posts and sub-health posts.
  • Reinstallation of 175 Village level Outreach Clinics (ORC) in Rolpa, 127 in Rukumand 168 in Salyan.
  • Distribution of 102 ORC boxes in Rolpa, 86 in Rukum and 74 in Salyan. 
  • Distribution of 102 ORC boxes in Rolpa, 86 in Rukum and 74 in Salyan. 
  • Renovation/rehabilitation of basic infrastructure of three district hospitals for emergency Obstetric care services.

Provision of Equipments

  • Distribution of equipment and audio visuals to Regional Health Training Centre (RHTC) Centre Surkhet.
  • Distribution of medicines and necessary equipments to 3 district hospitals, 6 Primary health Centers and 25 health Centers for safe maternity service.

Capacity Building

  • Training to Health Facility Operation and Management Committee (HFOMC) members was provided to ensure their active involvement in management of local health facilities. A total of 1,702 members of 141 HFMOCs received training on planning, leadership and management.
  • Training on Whole Site Infection Prevention (WSIP) was provided to staff of 28 Health Posts, 25 Primary Health Centers (PHC) and 3 district hospitals.
  • Training and Orientation on SBA, Counseling, Family Planning (FP) including on IUCD was provided to doctors, staff nurses and ANMs of all the 3 target districts.
  • STI training was provided to 165 doctors, staff nurse, health assistant and paramedics.
  • Training on Logistic Management Information System (LMIS) and Health Management Information System (HMIS) was organized for government health system staff of all 3 districts. Refresher training on the same subject was also provided to same target group and local NGOs.