Post Earthquake Response of SMNF Nepal for Safe Motherhood and New Born Health SMNF

Earthquakes in Nepal

The three massive earthquakes struck Nepal on the 25th  & 26th of April and 12th  May 2015. More than 8,000 people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. Even after more than 6 weeks tremors continue to hit the central and western districts of Nepal, destabilizing normal life and preventing many from accessing essential services. There was heavy loss of private homes and government infrastructure including roads, schools and hospitals. Over 300 birthing centers were partially or completely damaged by the quakes alongside health posts and even major hospitals.  Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are living in very difficult conditions (mostly in tents) and their access to health services has been drastically reduced. This condition prevails in all the quake affected districts including those located in and around the capital metropolis of Kathmandu.

Right from the third day after of the first two earthquakes, the SMNF worked on providing support to pregnant women, just delivered and breastfeeding mothers. The President of SMNF successfully raised resources for equipment of operation theatres (Patan Hospital & Teaching Hospital) and worked to provide tents to house patients at the Maternity Hospital as well provide temporary shelter to just delivered mothers (those discharged from the hospitals but home to return to). In the process of providing emergency relief to pregnant women, just delivered and breastfeeding mothers, SMNF did a quick survey in the outlying areas of the Kathmandu Valley affected by the earthquake and accessed the needs of pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Earthquake Victims Relief Program

SMNF in partnership with Rudra Bahadur Memorial Foundation distributed some relief materials for the Pregnant and Lactating mothers in Kirtipur District. Out of 158 packages distributed SMNF provided 80 packages.


SMNF organized the first Health Camp for Mothers and Newborns on 19 June 2015 at Budanilkhantha area of the Northern area of Kathmandu Valley. SMNF liaised with the Maternity Hospital, the Teaching Hospital and Om Hospital to provide support from OBGYN doctors and nurses for providing antenatal check-ups to the pregnant women as well as health check-up for newborns and mothers. At the camp information was provided about how to prevent infections during delivery if the pregnant woman is forced to deliver at home. Information was also provided about umbilical cord care to expectant mothers. The clients/patients at the camps were counseled for birth preparedness. SMNF liaised with local clubs for organizing the camp collecting the survey, managing transportation for participants. SMNF also distributed 450 mother baby packages in the camp. The Mother Baby Package consists of a baby blanket, ‘Bhoto Surwar set’ for babies, gown for the mothers and anti bacterial soap. Two hundred packages were provided by Zonta Club.

More than 600 women benefited from the health camp.

Lalitpur District

Similarly with the aim of providing services to the women and children of Lalitpur District, southern side of Kathmandu Valley, two health Camps were organized on 25 July 2015 in two different locations of Lalitpur district:

  • Bajrabarahi VDC, Phulbari Party Palace
  • Harisiddhi VDC, NB Party Palace

The health camp was organized with the involvement of three Gynecologists and two Pediatricians from the Teaching Hospital who provided health facility to the women and children who visited the camp.

SMNF also distributed 500 mother baby packages to the Pregnant and Lactating mothers in the health camp conducted in Lalitpur District.


Ramechap District

On 8 and 9 September 215 Mother and baby packages were distributed in Ramechap District by the SMNF Team.

The program was held in two different areas:

Kathhajwor : Sub Health Post and

Ramechap Dada: Samaj Sewa Jariti Mahila Bachat tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha


Bhaktapur District

On 15 October 2015 SMNF Nepal organized a mother baby package distribution program for 500 Pregnant and Lactating women of Bhaktapur district.

SMNF Partnership with Zonta Club for the distribution of the packages. SMNF Nepal and Zonta Club have been working in collaboration with each other since a long period of time. SMNF has been getting positive help in the time of crisis in the country form Zonta Club. Zonta Club provided 200 Mother Baby Packages for the distribution in Baktapur District.Two hundred packages were provided by Zonta Club.